We will be offering Lama Zopa Rinpoche a long-life puja at the end of the retreat. This is one of the most auspicious and best offerings we can make to the guru.

If you would like to participate in the offering, and we encourage you to do so:

  • Select an item below to which you wish to donate.
  • If you wish to select more than one item, return to this page and click another item.
  • When you have finished, simply click “Cart” to be taken to the payment instruction page.
  • Payments can be made: Either by transfer to our bank account
    Telephone the Retreat Office to make a credit card payment over the phone:  +61 431 177 020🌄 

Once costs are covered, any extra amounts offered will be allocated to the money offering for
Rinpoche which we hope will be hugely generous!  – and to the tsog which will be extensive and fabulous!

Items for Sponsorship

Throne Dorje

Five Wisdom Buddhas

White Tara Statue

Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra Text

Robes – Namjar, Chogyu, Shamtab

Pandits Hat


Monks Bowl

Monks Staff

8 Auspicious Substances

LongLife Thangka – Amitayus

Long Life Thangka – White Tara

Medicine Buddha Thangkha

Gold Tsa Tsas – Lama Tsong Khapa x12

Gold Tsa Tsas – Guru Rinpoche x12

Auspicious Organic Grains

Food and Drink Offerings


Gemstone Malas

Carpets x 2

Brocade Table Cloths 1 sqm  x 6

Prayer Flags

Pole Prayer Flags

Solar Prayer Wheels

Money Offerings to Sangha

Tsog Offering

Money Offerings – Ritual Master, Umzes, Dakinis

Money Offerings to Rinpoche 2 Mandalas






























When offerings are borrowed to include in the procession, a monetary
offering of an e
qual value is offered in lieu of the material offering

If an item is already fully sponsored the offering will be transferred to another item