At the end of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s retreat we will be offering Rinpoche a long-life puja, one of the most auspicious and best offerings we can make to the guru.

If you would like to participate in the offering, and we encourage you to do so:

  • Select items below and contribute whatever you feel. When you click an item you will be taken to the donation page to enter an amount.
  • If you wish to select more than one item, return to this page and click that item.
  • When you have finished, simply click “Cart” to be taken to the payment page. 🌄 

Please note, we are once again using PayPal. There is also the option for you to pay by direct deposit.

If you do not wish to use either method, but still wish to make a donation, we can take payments over the phone +61 487 341 293.

Generous donations from students and centres have poured in and many offerings have already been sponsored.

Once costs are covered, any extra amounts offered will be allocated to the money offering for
Rinpoche which we hope will be hugely generous!  – and to the tsog which will be extensive and fabulous!

The following remain either unsponsored or only partly so. Some of the actual costs have changed…

Items for Sponsorship          ~         Required        ~   Click

Monk’s Staff  (Borrowed)         ~         $350.00          ~         Θ

Carpets (set of two)        ~         $650.00          ~         Θ

Incense         ~         $300.00          ~         Θ

Malas (200 malas for Rinpoche to give away)        ~       $1500.00          ~         Θ

Bags of Auspicious Grain         ~          $170.00          ~         Θ

Money Offerings to Ritual Master, Umdze and Dakinis         ~         $450.00          ~         Θ

Money Offering to Sangha         ~         $500.00          ~         Θ

Khatags         ~         $400.00          ~         Θ

Flowers for Decoration and Garlands         ~         $650.00          ~         Θ

Money Offerings to Rinpoche in Two Mandalas         ~      Unlimited          ~         Θ

Tsog Offerings (main)         ~       $2000.00+       ~         Θ

Thangkas         ~        $1300.00         ~         Θ

When offerings are borrowed to include in the procession, a monetary
offering of an e
qual value is offered in lieu of the material offering

If an item is already fully sponsored the offering will be transferred to another item