Booking the Retreat

Full options for ordained monks only

Attending the retreat for those who require accommodation and/or food, necessitates making a booking.

Please note: if you do not require food or accommodation, then no booking is necessary,
(or available).

You simply arrive onsite and buy a daily ticket – or a ticket for a number of days – at an Administration/Facility daily charge of $10.00.
You can then bring your own food or purchase food at the Atisha Centre courtyard/dining-room.

If you do require accommodation and/or food, there are 3 options:

Option 1:  Attending the whole retreat (28 days);
Option 2:  Attending single weeks (4 separate weeks – individually bookable);
Option 3:  Attending single weekends (3 separate, bookable weekends).

For our event cancellation policy please click here

There are limited subsidies available to help sangha members who are financially restricted.
Please indicate on the booking form below if you wish to apply for a subsidy.
A written application will be required.

Accommodation and prices in AUD$ for:

Whole Retreat: 28 days from Sat 21 March, before lunch
to Sat 18 April, after breakfast

Week 1: 7 days from Sat 21 March, before lunch
to Sat 28 March, after breakfast

Week 2: 7 days from Sat 28 March, before lunch
to Sat 4 April, after breakfast

Week 3: 7 days from Sat 4 April, before lunch
to Sat 11 April, after breakfast

Week 4: 7 days from Sat 11 April, before lunch
to Sat 18 April, after breakfast

All Prices Includes Administration/Facility Fee of $10.00 per day

Accommodation Selections
~ Rates per week ~

For whole retreat, multiply by 4

On-site tent – single – No longer available

On-site tent – share twin = $280.00 / + food = $490.00

BYO tent, caravan or camper van = $280.00 / + food = $490.00

Bed in room at Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery = $280.00 / + food = $490.00

No Accommodation ~ Food only = $280.00

Booking Form

For individual weeks or whole retreat

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